Why install solar panels at home?

A solar panel for your home is the guarantee of producing green electricity:

  • To inject it into the network for “greening” the energy consumed in France.
  • For self-consuming energy from renewable sources rather than endorsing a supplier who sells electricity of nuclear origin.

The choice to produce green energy through the installation of solar panels is therefore explained by economic and environmental considerations.

Do you want to take control of your energy consumption?

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For additional income

In any case, you contribute to the development of clean energies. But self-produced electricity is not only ecological, it is also economical. Using sunlight, you offer yourself free electricity. This reduces your bill!

In order to ensure additional income, initially to make your photovoltaic investment profitable. You can choose to sell all or part of the electricity self-produced by your domestic solar panels to the incumbent supplier. EDF has precisely the obligation to buy the electricity produced by solar panels. Otherwise, opt for self-consumption.

Solar panel for isolated house: free electricity without being connected to the network

Beyond the substantial savings to be made, photovoltaics offers a size advantage on an isolated site. The individual is supplied (free of charge once the investment has been made!) with electricity without being connected to the network. Many suppliers offer solar kits specifically dedicated to isolated houses.

Solar panel for house for sale: a very effective selling point

Whichever option you choose when installing a solar panel for your home, know that your investment provides you with resale advantage. With two similar properties, the buyer will have every interest in choosing the house already equipped with photovoltaic panels.

In fact, he offers himself the opportunity of significant savings on his energy bills, without even having invested the initial cost. Of course, this assumes that the panels have been properly installed by a qualified company.

For an independent house

To be autonomous, and in order to supply you with free electricity, initially to make your photovoltaic investment profitable. You can use your home solar panel for self-consumption.

Also, solar panels can produce some of the energy that will be used to charge your EV!

Can we claim full autonomy?

It’s technically possible but it doesn’t have no economic interest. Indeed, to have sufficient energy in its batteries to meet the needs of the less sunny day of the year, a lot more panels and storage capacity are needed.

However, these additional capacities, which represent an additional investment, would only be used a few days a year, making their amortization impossible in less than 20 years.

And in the absence of sun?

At night, the panels do not produce energy, in bad weather, the production of the panels may be insufficient to cover all the needs of the house: in this case, the public network takes over. It is possible to equip an optional solar battery. This accessory makes it possible to store the surplus electricity produced when the solar irradiation is optimal, to restore it in the absence of the sun.

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