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Why shouldn’t you try the Dacia Spring?

Ever since I drove it on my last electric car test drive, I’ve only been dreaming about it. Here I tell you why!

Note: this article can contribute to creating a positive desire to acquire an electric vehicle!

A booming market

Regularly at the top of the podium for sales of new electric cars in Francethe Dacia Spring is a dynamic and pleasant car to drive. Only downside, limited autonomy for this large consumer of watts.

Since the beginning of the year, it only costs €16,800 in France to adjust to the ecological bonus – currently at €6,000 – applicable only for vehicles under €45,000.

That is €10,800 for a spacious Dacia Spring, equipped with an engine of nearly 44 horsepower, capable of cutting down the 0 to 100 km / h in 19 seconds.

All manufacturers are forced by CAFE regulations to develop and sell electric or low-carbon vehicles. For a very long time the electric vehicle was mocked. But today, manufacturers are in a frantic race to provide consumers with electric vehicles at the best price.

The entire automotive industry agrees on the technology. For the consumer, it will be an electric future.

Performance at the service of pleasure

The driving comfort provided by testing an electric car is incomparable. The pleasure behind the wheel has as much to do with the 100% electric motorization itself – the fluid and frank accelerations – as with the choices made by manufacturers to improve the on-board driving experience.

Software, strategic tools in 2022

Indeed, by being solely focused on 100% electric cars, the manufacturer has plenty of time to refine its formula. Just follow the software developments made in recent years to be convinced.

For owners, it is the assurance of having a vehicle that does not remain frozen in time. The iPhone has accustomed us well to its iterations that the market demands.

In terms of performance, the electric motor naturally offers better times. So taking the example of Volkswagen, which is not a manufacturer known for restraining its cars. Quite the contrary. In its most accessible version, Dacia Spring can swallow the 0 to 100 km/h in 19 seconds (a single engine, placed at the rear).

Once you’ve learned to tame the car and got used to the removal of some physical controls, you feel safe on board a powerful electric vehicle.

What about autonomy then?

For example, on a journey between Lille and Paris, mostly made up of expressways, consumption can fluctuate around 18 kWh/100 kilometres. It’s rather very reassuring, and the real 350 kilometers are indeed possible aboard a Dacia Spring.

For other vehicles such as the KIA EV6, the KIA E-Niro, the Fiat 500e, we let you share your real autonomy in the comments.

Today, however, we will be more inclined to take a long trip on board a Dacia Spring thanks to the network of charging stations. The quality and reliability of the network are indeed attractive!

In Europe, there are currently 1,526 IONITY charging stations at 385 stations.

On a European scale (29 countries), some 5,580 charging points, in more than 580 stations, are available to travellers. The kilowatt hour is now charged 36 to 38 cents depending on the station (compared to around 0.16 euro at home).

According to the Dacia Spring conversion, 500 kilometers cost 28 euros via an IONITY terminal.

On the latest models of Superchargers for example – V3, electrical power of 250 kW – you can regain up to 275 km of autonomy in 15 minutes (in optimal conditions of use, of course).

This should change as new charging players arrive in France – with strength and ambition. And it is rumored that the Tesla network should open up more widely.

Enough to accelerate a mass electricity market!

THE car of your dreams

There is really everything to have fun:

  • sufficient acceleration to beat many cars,
  • an agility that can tend towards total pleasure on demand
  • and very easy to read behavior, regardless of the setting chosen in Track mode.

The movements of the body, quite generous, also make it possible to precisely gauge the limits of grip and to feel what is happening in the four corners of the car. The front axle bites solidly. And thanks to the balance of the chassis and the work of the transmission, it effectively fights against understeer.

Enough to make you want to drive again and again, until you look at the battery gauge. And there, a few hundred kilometers swallowed thoroughly in Track mode are enough to empty it…

Adding the price of electric vehicles into the equation (depending on your means), one wonders if this is simply the best deal at the moment. Especially with such a relationship between new value, performance and the rest of the benefits.

Totally turned upside down by this electric car test, we come to wonder about what the development of the electric car could well bring:

  • The end of cables, with the development of inductive charging?
  • A greater autonomy, reaching, or even exceeding, 1000 km?
  • And, why not, a 100% autonomous car?


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