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Why Tesla is urging buyers to get their cars back

Tesla does not know the crisis, at least as far as its sales of electric vehicles are concerned. So much so that, as Capital mentioned a few days ago, some models were going to suffer delivery delays, the gap between supply and demand being too great. But for other models, the stock is there and many American customers have already reserved a vehicle. Except that, as explained Clean Automotivenew aid to switch to “zero emissions” will come into force in 2022.

Aid that many Americans hope to receive, starting with tax credits. And according to our colleagues, a large part of the potential buyers of the brand’s electric models postpone the payment date as much as possible when they have already reserved their Tesla. Not really to the taste of the manufacturer, who does not want his stock to grow and also hopes to attract new customers with these new regulations for 2022.

Desired answer before December 2

So, to speed things up, Clean Automotive tells us that customers who had a reservation in progress received a small ultimatum from Elon Musk’s company. Either they confirm their car delivery before December 2, or their order is cancelled. Of course, their booking fees will be refunded. Time is also running out for the brand, which has already changed its prices several times this year, with the rise in the prices of certain raw materials and some of its suppliers.

New controversy in sight for the American manufacturer? Last week, annual data from Consumer Reports (CR) revealed the names of the most and least reliable vehicle models, starting with the Tesla Model X and Y. They recorded a high rate of problems, especially with regard to the air conditioning, on-board electronics or even electrical equipment.



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