with the fall of Bitcoin, graphics cards are at the best price

Since the beginning of November 2021 and a record value of $58,323, Bitcoin has seen its price drop steadily, despite a small recovery at the end of March. But in June 2022, Bitcoin fell below the $20,000 mark, when other cryptocurrencies were also hit by a similar, sometimes even more violent fall. Faced with this observation, the miners are selling off their stocks. The opportunity to get your hands on a last generation used graphics card at an affordable price.

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Coronavirus pandemic, transport problems, shortage of materials, factories shut down, too high demand for too little stock, finding a latest generation graphics card was a waste of time (or almost), when they came out. Scalpers and their bots had fun grabbing a good chunk of the stocks along the way, before reselling them at inflated prices on online resale platforms. On the side of online retailers, stocks were generally kept for in-house configurations, sold alongside other components.

However, with the fall of cryptocurrencies, miners are changing their plans and getting rid of their stocks to try to make the most of their investment before it is too late. A phenomenon particularly visible in China, where exploitation has been concentrated for years due to cheap electricity, whose second-hand graphics cards are found on sites like Xianyu, the equivalent of a Chinese eBay .

The latest generation of Nvidia graphics cards are found there in spades, with relatively attractive prices. As I_Leak_VN explains on Twitter, there are many RTX 3080 ads displayed from 3,500 yuan, or around 500 euros. For comparison, on LDLC, such a new graphics card is found at 1200/1300 euros on average. On the side of the RTX 3060, similar observation. Displayed at prices oscillating between 280 and 330 euros used, they cost the trifle of 500 euros new. Graphics cards that see their prices drop sharply.

A golden opportunity for those who would go beyond its usage history, namely use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But with the constant declines of cryptocurrencies, an Ethereum which is struggling to regain the lead, miners are struggling to see a way out. It could therefore be that this influx of used graphics cards is a golden opportunity to get your hands on the latest generation of Nvidia GPUs on the market.

Especially since the imminent launch of the next generation of GPUs will not leave these prices unmoved, with a price drop expected again. Although these graphics cards are not optimal, due to their aggressive use, they are still a good range in this generation for low budgets. On your side, do you plan to take advantage of it? Do not hesitate to answer us via the comment section.

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