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With the new Apple Maps, can Apple make people forget about Google Maps?

From this Friday, July 8, iPhone, iPad and Mac users residing in France and Monaco can enjoy a new version of Apple Maps, Apple’s mapping application. They won’t have to do anything, the update is automatic.

What does this new version of Apple Maps bring?

We could have summed up the new features of Apple Maps by saying that the new application incorporates the features deployed in the United States in 2020. Unfortunately, some are missing.

The most notable is undoubtedly the lack of cycling routes. For some unknown reason, Apple has not rolled out this feature in France, although it has in most countries where the new Apple Plans is available. Another absent, AR navigation (in augmented reality) which allows you to follow a route directly integrated into your environment.

The rest of the features available in the United States therefore land on the French application. Apple did not do things by halves since all the novelties work on the whole territory.

Thus, the new Apple Maps brings more accurate maps made by Apple. It doesn’t seem like much, but the company began its adventure by surrounding itself with partners. But the Apple did not seem satisfied with the result and therefore challenged itself to make its own cards. Tedious work that pays off today.

Other new features include improved voice guidance, display of speed limits during a journey, display of buildings in 3D, interior mapping of shopping centers and airports and, above all, the Look Around function.

The latter is a solution comparable to Google Street View. At Apple it is therefore available throughout the territory except for pedestrian streets (limited to Paris, Lyon, Marseille and Nice).

Apple Maps stronger than Google Maps?

Apple Maps comes a long way. Developed in a rush to break away from Google (the first iPhones came with Google Maps and Youtube), Apple Maps had a rocky start.

Designed with partners, the service has never managed to reach the level of Google Maps, the fault of imprecise maps and a severe lack of functionality. Apple therefore ended up doing what it should have done from the start: creating its own mapping service with data collected by it.

If such a project takes time (and money), we must recognize that the American has quickly advanced. And in 2020, the new Apple Maps could easily compete with Google Maps in the United States. Not only does the service have similar functionality and equally accurate maps, but Apple Maps also inherits Apple’s interface know-how.

But if Apple’s GPS application has something to seduce in the United States, it remains behind Google Maps in France. The absence of a cycling route is undoubtedly its greatest weakness. Moreover, it is not certain that in the future users of Apple Plans in France will have the same functionalities as Americans on the day of deployment. If we have the same version of the application, Apple obviously gives itself the right not to provide the same services. Come on, a little more effort.



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