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Women’s Euro 2022 – France – Belgium (2-1): Marie-Antoinette Katoto, a sprain and complications for the Blue

From our special correspondent in Rotherham,

There was a wavering. While the blue trainers were busy in priority around a Charlotte Bilbaut who had recovered from a very muscular duel (13th) and accompanied her to the bench, they were called to another emergency. A few meters away, Marie-Antoinette Katoto had sat down, her face on bad days, touching her right knee.

Euro 2022

Deacon: “We knew we wouldn’t score 5 goals for Belgium”


After a few brief manipulations, everyone at Les Bleues understood. The PSG striker was not going to be able to continue this match. But will she be able to continue the competition? The mystery is thick and Katoto’s knee will be scrutinized very closely on Friday in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, at the Bleues base camp. On him largely depends the final chances of the Habs in this Euro.

“The real level of Les Bleues is between Italy and Belgium”

Without it, the Blues have lost their footing

So how did we get here? By a false movement, quite simply, following an offensive replacement while Delphine Cascarino attacked full axis. “From what she told us is that she did it to herself, on bad support“, confirmed Grace Geyoro afterwards. Instantly, she held her knee before finally putting it on the lawn of Rotherham. Already on Wednesday, it was this same member who had suffered after a shock with Périsset in training . “Yesterday was just a hit. Today, it’s a sprain”, said Corinne Deacon at a press conference. Without the term sprain saying much about the degree of seriousness of the injury.

Renard: “We have to rectify certain things, we tend to back down too much”

Seriousness, however, there was among the Blue, quickly numerous around their goalscorer when she was being manipulated. The release of this one finally led to a French period much less readable, much more muddled. “It obviously disturbed us a bit, we lost our attacker very very early on but we tried to switch quickly because we had to win this match.“, rewind Geyoro.

This end of the match, it was from the bench that the PSG striker followed her, with crutches after returning from the locker room and an ice pack on her knee. When leaving the stadium, it was without relying on the offending leg that Katoto returned to the Blue bus. In other words, the pain is sharp. Enough, in any case, for her friends to all have a thought for her when they come back to this match.

Marie-Antoinette Katoto (France), injured against Belgium

Credit: Getty Images

Losing her would be hard for us

It’s always hard to see a teammate on crutchesadmitted Wendie Renard. There’s a little worry and sadness“. The captain of the Bleues was able to see that, without her, it is not the same lemonade. Despite a lot of good will, Ouleymata Sarr did not weigh on the fate of this meeting and leaves the feeling of a double still too imperfect for the Blues to see only fire.

Deacon: “We knew we wouldn’t score 5 goals for Belgium”

Is Katoto irreplaceable? At this question, Renard paused. Proof that the question is frankly legitimate. “In any case, she has an important game profile for usshe ended up answering. Back to goal, she is able to keep the ball. With her size, her technical quality in the area… Losing her would be difficult for us. But we have players to replace her even if each player has her profiles“.

The objective is to succeed in finding solutions without itclutched Geyoro. In these kinds of competitions, anything can happen.“. A comeback against Iceland does not seem desirable or feasible? What about the quarter-final? The examinations carried out on Friday will already give the first trend. Until then, the Blues have only to wait. And cross fingers… Because a Euro without Katoto is not really the same story.

Euro 2022

Renard: “We have to rectify certain things, we tend to back down too much”


Euro 2022

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