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Women’s Euro 2022 – The notes of the Blue against Belgium (2-1): The Karchaoui festival, the mess of Renard

Pauline Peyraud-Magnin: 5.5

She started her evening with a little scare (11th) before having almost nothing more to do. Deceived on the Belgian equalizer, she does what she can to compensate for the delay of her defense in her exit. Attentive also (64th, 73rd) even if his badly cleared ball sent some cold sweats on the backs of French supporters (84th).

  • In short: Second game but still no clean sheet.

Euro 2022

The cheat sheet: Qualif’, return to earth and… blue fear


Eve Perisset: 5

So offensive and hard-hitting against Italy, they seemed extinguished and hesitant on Thursday. Despite some good defensive interventions, it was first her who got caught in the back on the Belgian equalizer (37th). Offensively, his crosses lacked precision and his relationship with Diani was less fluid.

  • In short: We prefer the Italian version.

Eve Périsset against Belgium

Credit: Imago

Griedge Mbock : 6

It was his big comeback and Mbock blew hot and cold. His long game offered interesting sequences and his goal, with an angry header, put the Blues in the right direction (42nd). But it is also short to intervene on the Belgian goal. His second period, full of experience and complementarity with Renard, is however reassuring.

  • In short: Has she put an end to the debate with Tounkara?

Wendie Fox: 5.5

Everything was almost perfect. Until this penalty completely harvested in additional time. Anecdotal, no doubt, in view of the result but so rare. Late on the Belgian goal, it pays above all for the two failed interventions of its two partners. Moreover, “Air France” lives up to its nickname. It is systematically towards her that the French set pieces are directed. And, almost all the time, she took over, without however managing to frame (3rd). It is still one of his openings which launches Karchaoui on the opening of the score. She kept watch when the threat loomed (84th).

  • In short: What a bizarre penalty…

Wendie Renard and her failed recovery from the penalty spot

Credit: Imago

Sakina Karchaoui: 7.5

It was a festival from start to finish. Very inspired from the start, the Parisian strove to distribute caviars, not always rewarded at their fair value (4th, 16th, 45th). Very incisive, it is she who sends the ball from the goal for Diani (69th). Very sure technically and full of spirit, she offered many déboulés. Very applied defensively elsewhere.

  • In short: Impressive.

Grace Geyoro: 5

Where she had succeeded offensively against Italy, she quickly understood that she was going to experience another evening on Thursday (1st). But the PSG captain will have been invaluable in a more discreet role. Technically precise, she will have tried to give air to an environment that has sometimes lacked it. It was his blocked shot that brought the penalty (87th).

  • In short: She won’t score hat-tricks every time.

Grace Geyoro against Belgium

Credit: Imago

Replaced by Ella Pallis (90th).

Charlotte Bilbaut: 5

Defensively, it is essential to the smooth running of the Blues. His taste for combat almost played tricks on him (13th) but his aggressiveness will have been useful. Still, his game forward still knows waste, in the short and long die.

  • In short: A sentinel more than a launching pad

Clara Mateo: 6

Surprise of Corinne Deacon’s eleven, the PFC player will have largely fulfilled her role. His activity in the middle offered some good situations to the Blue. She is rewarded for her first period with a very nice assist for Mbock (42nd). Interesting on set pieces as well.

Replaced by Sandie Toletti (66th)in the tone from his first ball.

Kadidiatou Diani: 6

It was she who lit the first wick, from her first balloon. As against Italy, his start to the match was led with a bang, with a clear superiority over his direct opponent. She is rewarded with her goal, her first in major competition, after a fine header (7th). Exiled on the left, she died before regaining some sensations upon returning from the locker room.

  • In short: Crazy differences but sometimes still muddled.

Replaced by Selma Bacha (66th)who played left wing.

Kadidiatou Diani against Belgium

Credit: Imago

Marie-Antoinette Katoto: not rated

She was discreet during the first quarter of an hour, little found by her partners. It is finally on an innocuous acceleration that she stops her effort, embarrassed by her right knee. After a few minutes, she asked to leave and it was on crutches that she returned to the bench in the second half.

  • In short: Les Bleues are crossing their fingers…

Marie-Antoinette Katoto is out injured against Belgium.

Credit: Getty Images

Replaced by

Ouleymata Sarr: 4

His pivot profile should allow the Blues to better keep the ball. It was the reverse. Not always applied in her discounts (38th, 45th), she was more dangerous in depth (54th). His failure on a perfectly set back center attests to his delicate match. His abnegation is however to be underlined.

  • In short: Katoto’s cleats seem a little big for her.

Delphine Cascarino: 5.5

Raw talent. When she triggers a dribble, she sends shivers through the stadium. But she fell back into her usual ways on Thursday, sometimes forcing the shot when the pass was needed or getting stuck in complicated dribbling. As a result, his match remains frustrating, with many attempts blocked or off target. But she definitely has something else…
  • In short: If only she shone in the final gesture…

Replaced by Melvine Malard (90th)who had a goal ball.

Euro 2022

The quarters, in pain


Euro 2022

Fireworks would be welcome




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