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Working at Tesla or SpaceX is not really a party right now!

Tesla sued by one of its own shareholders, 5 SpaceX employees recently dismissed, the atmosphere at work is tense in the companies chaired by Elon Musk.

Here are two pieces of information that do not really make you want to apply to Tesla or SpaceX at the moment, two companies that have in common their famous founder Elon Musk who is useless to present so much he is regularly in the news. On the one hand, 5 SpaceX employees have been fired for writing a letter that, according to company president Gwynne Shotwell, “caused others at the company to ‘feel uncomfortable, intimidated and bullied, and /or angry that the letter pressured them into signing something that did not reflect their views.” The other, a Tesla shareholder has sued his employer, accusing it of “creating a toxic corporate culture based on abusive racist and sexist practices and discrimination against its own employees”. Things are getting hot !

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Two cases which are added to two other very recent ones too. A few weeks ago, Elon Musk formally prohibited his employees from working remotely. An internal note had been shared on social networks in which he threatened to “leave Tesla” if they were not willing to work a minimum of 40 hours a week in person. Another delicate case, a flight attendant was allegedly sexually assaulted by Elon Musk in person during a SpaceX flight. These are all events that are increasingly damaging the employer brand of the two companies.

Sources: AFP, Reuters

Published on 06/20/2022 Updated 06/20/2022



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