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Xiaomi is also getting into the electric car: the Mi Car to compete with Tesla

News hardware Xiaomi is also getting into the electric car: the Mi Car to compete with Tesla

It’s no longer a secret that after its boss Lei Jun announced last year that Xiaomi is well on its way to producing and marketing electric cars. The Mi Car (provisional name), should even be unveiled in August.

Xiaomi plans to invest more than 10 billion dollars in the electric car market

Remember, we are in March 2021 and during the speech by Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, the latter, between two presentations of smartphones and connected products, announces that Xiaomi wishes to launch body and soul into production “zero emission” type cars, more commonly known as electric cars.

Electric cars are like a big smartphone with four wheels.

It is with this little phrase, which can be as scary as it is funny, that Xiaomi formalized its entry into this oh so buoyant market. The investment is up to the ambitions of the Chinese brand, more than 10 billion dollars to release, by 2024, the first in-house electric car, code name: Mi Car.

At the time, the announcement had the effect of a bomb, bypassing in particular Huawei and Apple, which we thought were more advanced in this field. If in the meantime the enemy brother Huawei announced and released its electric SUV, the AITO M5, the Apple Car is, to date, still only a rumor, limited to a fantasy.

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With its Mi Car, Xiaomi intends to give priority to Apple and its Apple Car fantasy

So it’s been a little over a year since the announcement of the Mi Car took place and we hadn’t really had any news since then. But according to the indiscretions relayed by our colleagues from
we should soon enter a very important new phase with the presentation of a very first prototype of Mi Car from Augustin just a few weeks.

While waiting to discover it with our own eyes, here is what we already know. The budget allocated to the development of the Mi Car is indeed 10 billion dollars. This one is ddeveloped in partnership with HVST Automobile Design which takes care, as the name of the company suggests, of the overall design of the car.

The first vehicles intended for the public and which will leave the Yizhuang plant are expected for 2024 and Xiaomi then plans to produce no less than 300,000 vehicles per year.

Finally, the last important point, Xiaomi intends to reproduce the same marketing scheme as with its smartphones, namely a very aggressive price, well below the market, with very low margins, so as to flood the market. Only a few more weeks to wait to find out everything about the Mi Car!

concept art

Xiaomi is also getting into the electric car: the Mi Car to compete with Tesla


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