yet another leak reveals more about its autonomy

The leaks about the Google Pixel Watch are endless. This time, it is the capacity of its battery that has filtered, giving us a potential idea of ​​its future autonomy.

The Google Pixel Watch // Source: John Prosser and Rendersbyian

Will we know everything about the Pixel Watch before its probable presentation at Google I/O on May 11 and 12? Hard to say, but we’re off to a good start. Recently, for example, indiscretions gave us an idea of ​​its future price and the sensors that the connected watch could carry.

Also, a certification with the FCC tends to think that a total of three models would be in the starting blocks. Not to mention all the other hallway noises that we have grouped together in a dedicated folder. And this time, it’s the turn of the drums to be in the media sight of the specialized press.

300mAh battery

A source reportedly told 9to5Google the capacity of the accumulator to be expected: 300 mAh. It is difficult at first sight to get a concrete idea of ​​its future autonomy. But the small game of comparisons with the Galaxy Watch 4 in particular could give us a first trend.

Google Pixel Watch: yet another leak reveals more about its autonomy
The Google Pixel Watch found in a restaurant // Source: Reddit/tagtech414

As a reminder, the Google Pixel Watch could carry a Samsung Exynos processor. The W920 is sometimes cited as the lucky winner, the same chip as the Galaxy Watch 4. The latter, equipped with a 361 mAh battery in the 44 mm version, was able to last about two days before going through the charging box , according to our test.

No more than 2 days of use?

There is also a 40 mm version this time boosted by a 247 mAh battery. According to the tests of 9to5Google, this model lasts about 24 hours. We can therefore table, with a ladle and with a minimum of precaution, around an autonomy bordering on the big day of use concerning the Pixel Watch.

Especially since Wear OS 3, the future watch operating system, is resource-intensive: for smart watch who use it, it is generally difficult to exceed the two days of autonomy. This gives an idea of ​​what to expect with the Google Pixel Watch.

First images of the “lost” Pixel Watch worn on the wrist

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