You can now download and install the Android 13 public beta

The Android 13 beta is no longer just for developers. Google is launching the public beta phase of the next version of its operating system and allowing users to download and install it, as long as they have a Pixel smartphone.

Remember that a beta version can be unstable and inherently incomplete. It is therefore not recommended to install it on your main smartphone.

With Android 13, Google is focusing on security and privacy. For example, Beta 1 adds new permissions for accessing media files, distinguishing between audio, photo, and video files.

The user can then give or not give the access permission.

Google also improves the Keystore and KeyMint modules of Android, in charge of the management of encryption keys, and offers developers a new API for playing audio content. Beta 1 of Android 13 takes over the functions seen in the preview for developers, for example the possibility of authorizing access only to certain photos of the camera roll by applications or compatibility with the Bluetooth Low Energy standard (LE ) Sound.

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If Google uses the same schedule as for Android 12, the final version of Android 13 should be available in October.

Source : Google

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