you can now know what data apps collect and how they use it


Now you can find out what data apps collect from you and how that information is used.

As expected, Google has formalized the deployment of the new Google Play privacy sectionthat lets users know what data the apps collect about themand how they are then used.

The company itself has announced the arrival of this new function, which promises to improve the transparency regarding the use of personal data by the applications.

In this sense, developers have up to July 20 to add the necessary information to your posts on Google Play, so users can see how your apps use data.

The Google Play Store on an Android mobile.

The new security section begins to appear on Google Play

The new section is inspired by the “privacy labels” introduced by Apple in its App Store a few months ago. In the official documentation, Google explains that developers are required to share the necessary information about the type of data they collect from users and how it is used. Even app developers who don’t collect any user data should complete the necessary formand share a link to your privacy policy.

If the requirements are not met, the apps can be deleted from the store catalog, or developers may lose the ability to publish new app updates until the form is completed with the necessary information.

Each application will have its security department in your page in Google Play. Thus, users will be able to know, for example:

  • Whether the developer collects user data and for what purpose.
  • If the developer shares data with third parties.
  • The app’s security practices, such as encryption of data in transit and whether users have the ability to request deletion of their data.
  • If the app has agreed to follow the Google Play for Families policy to protect minors using the Google Play Store.
  • Whether the developer has validated its security practices against a global security standard.

Google Play is updated: you can now know what data apps collect and how they use it

The new “Data Security” section in the Google Play Store.

Google has activated a support page where you can get more information about the new data security section of Google Play. There, all the doubts that Android users might have about understanding the information provided by this new function are addressed.

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