You will be able to monitor your Tesla remotely, from your smartphone

Tesla has updated the app linked to its cars. Now, when the vehicle is parked, it will be possible to monitor the surroundings remotely. This is an evolution of the Sentinel mode.

Tesla added an interesting feature to its cars in early 2019: Sentinel mode. He uses the cameras to monitor the surroundings when the vehicle is parked (a means of preventing acts of vandalism or better identifying the culprits). At the end of 2021, this security-focused tool is evolving. As Electrek indicates in an article published on October 27, 2021, the Tesla application now offers the possibility of using the Sentinel mode remotely (Sentry Mode Live Camera).

Previously, Sentinel mode recorded a video stream that you could review later. From now on, we will be able to enjoy a live image, from the screen of our smartphone. For the moment, this functionality is only accessible on an iOS terminal (iPhone) and reserved for those who have a Premium Connection subscription (€9.99 per month). As always with Tesla news, only US users can enjoy it at first.

Always more safety for Tesla cars

This feature adds an additional security component to Sentinel mode, designed to better protect your car when you are not inside (a Tesla can attract attention and, therefore, misguided people). In its update note, the American manufacturer specifies: “ Now you can monitor the surroundings of your car remotely when it is parked, to make sure the surroundings are safe before returning to your car. Tesla also says that the data recorded by the cameras is encrypted from the first to the last second – and that he cannot access it.

Note that the Sentry Model Live Camera, limited to 1 hour of use per day (cumulative), also allows:

  • To use the microphone of the telephone to transmit a message via the loudspeaker of the car (to dissuade possible bad guys);
  • Turn on the headlights briefly or show the feed on the car’s screen to let passers-by know the cameras are active.

This new option attached to Sentinel mode is also a way for Tesla to enhance its Premium Connection service (30 days trial with Model 3 and Model Y, 1 year trial with Model S and Model X). It offers real-time traffic visualization, maps with satellite view, access to video streaming (Netflix, YouTube…), Karaoke mode, Spotify and internet browser.

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