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Your Tesla will no longer plan your routes for free in 2030

The standard connectivity of Tesla vehicles will become payable, announced the American manufacturer. But don’t panic, this only concerns new vehicles, and will only be active at the end of the decade.

The recurring costs of using a Tesla vehicle have so far been very limited, with the only subscription available being ‘premium connectivity’, offering various additions to the standard package included for free. But that’s changing, as Tesla announced that standard connectivity would only be included eight years after vehicle purchase. Let’s see what will change.

An additional cash flow

We will probably teach you nothing by recalling that little by little, the automotive world is also succumbing to the fashion of subscriptions. This fashion, which consumers do not necessarily appreciate, is nevertheless very lucrative and encouraged by shareholders who see additional profits coming in rather easily.

Tesla is not at its first attempt, since after having offered Supercharge and Premium connectivity for life on its first vehicles, this has not been the case for a few years now. Nowadays, the price per kWh in a Tesla Supercharger is around 0.52 euros in France, and premium connectivity is only offered for one month with the purchase of a vehicle.

Indeed, the Tesla fleet in circulation having drastically increased in recent years, the gifts that were possible when the number of Tesla Model S and Model X was low are no longer at all, at a time when the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are increasingly present on the roads.

Thus, in 2018, the premium connectivity for 9.99 euros per monthoffering some additional features compared to the standard connectivity, as the table below recalls.

Tesla Connectivity Packs
The differences between Standard and Premium connectivity at Tesla // Source: Tesla

As standard, at no extra cost, and until now offered for life when buying a vehicle, standard connectivity allowed you to use your Tesla without any navigation constraints. Indeed, all you have to do is enter a destination and let yourself be guided, the stops at any Superchargers necessary to arrive safely will be indicated automatically.

For the rest of the functionalities allowed by the connectivity packs, you had to either put your hand in your pocket (9.99 euros per month), or share the Wi-Fi connection of your smartphone so that the vehicle can connect to it. In this way, when the vehicle is parked, it was possible to watch Netflix or YouTube, or to use an internet browser while driving or when stationary.

The only ones premium connectivity exclusives (not accessible even over Wi-Fi with standard connectivity) being the satellite view of the map, the visualization of the cameras around the vehicle from the mobile application and the visualization of the traffic in real time. Many customers were therefore satisfied with the standard, free connectivity, which was probably not to please Tesla.

Questions that remain unanswered

That’s how a discreet edit to the connectivity-related page told us that standard connectivity was going to disappear from the vehicle eight years after its purchase, from July 20, 2022. It is this date that is authentic: if your order is prior to this date, don’t worry, standard connectivity remains free for life.

The problem is that for the moment Tesla does not specify whether it will be possible to pay for standard connectivity or whether customers will be required to pay for premium connectivity to continue to benefit from navigation servicessomething almost essential given that neither Apple CarPlay nor Android Auto are available.

Until this policy is implemented in the summer of 2030, however, there will undoubtedly be new twists, but one thing is certain: Tesla no longer wants to give you free standard connectivity for life.

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