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YouTube Music is getting a makeover with lots of interesting little changes

YouTube Music’s “Now Playing” interface has undergone an overhaul involving several ergonomic and stylistic changes. We take stock of this little news.

YouTube Music

is now one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world. It is therefore appropriate, like its competitors, to follow the changes made to this service with a minimum of attention. And the latest update mainly affects the “Now Playing” interface of the app.

This interface is the one that fills your entire screen: it displays several information about the song being listened to and offers some management and control functions. In short: she is a bit like the conductor on the platform when your esgourdes are in the mood for your favorite piece.

The dislike button is more discreet

The media 9to5Google carefully listed the small new features that Google has implemented. First, it is interesting to observe the disappearance of the “I don’t like” button, previously located to the left of the title of the music. This is reminiscent of YouTube’s policy where the number of do not like publicly disappeared in late 2021.

The “Dislike” comment is now available from the context menu accessed via the three small vertical dots. “Thumbs up” takes its place just to the right of the title of a song. The latter, on the other hand, now benefits from a left alignment instead of a central alignment.

The album cover or title artwork also opts for much more rounded corners to sort of harmonize with the Android software interface. The latter has actually taken this direction in recent years to make our experience more pleasant.

The “Cast” button is also available with a single click as it is located directly on the top right of the interface. Previously, you had to press the central pocket to gain access and then activate this feature. Note that the play/pause button has a flashier white background, which has the benefit of highlighting it better.

Already being rolled out

Finally, a new mention appears at the top of the interface. It shows where the song you are listening to is from: Queue, Likes, Playlist, Radio or Artist Page. No action is possible with it.

Be sure to check your latest app updates, especially YouTube Music. On our side, it was already available on one of the editorial staff’s phones.

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