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Yves Saint Laurent Beauty arrives in Web3 thanks to a partnership with Arianee

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Arianee brings YSL Beauté into Web 3

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, emblematic brand of the L’Oréal group, signs its arrival in Web 3.0 as part of a partnership with the French company Arianee.

Aware of the progress of Web 3.0 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the brand wishes to remain faithful to its pioneering spirit and open to new experiences.

With a view to rewarding the commitment of its various communities around the world, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté will deploy a wallet hosted on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH) specially dedicated to Web 3.0 thanks to a collaboration with Arianeea company dedicated to helping large companies in their transition to the Web of tomorrow.

Since June 15subscribers to Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s Twitter and Instagram accounts can grab their copy of the very first NFT brand with an international aura. A true pledge of loyalty, this NFT will open the door to future brand airdrops, as well as access to many exclusive experiences.

Preview of the “YSL Beauty Golden Block” NFT

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstelthe CEO of Arianee, welcomed this promising partnership:

“We are delighted to allow YSL Beauté to enter Web 3.0 with our end-to-end solution. Whether creating NFTs, distributing them to the brand community, or leveraging them with protected content, the brand makes full use of our platform. »

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Rewards available now

In parallel with the launch of its digital wallet, Yves Saint Laurent is also partnering with the firm of technology experts Wunderman Thomson France in order to be accompanied in its entry through Web 3.0.

Of the June 21stYSL Beauté communities will begin to be rewarded via social tokens as part of a partnership with the decentralized platform P00LS and 2 artists from the music scene, Agatha Mougin and Kittens.


The activation of this event will be accompanied by a donation to ” Forward All ” and ” It’s on US », 2 NGOs based in France and the United States respectively, which work to prevent and fight against domestic violence.

For Virgil Brodziakmanaging director of Wunderman Thompson, everything remains to be done in Web 3.0 and the opportunities are more present than ever :

“Web 3 and the metaverse are still unexplored spaces and we strongly believe that for brands like YSL Beauté, who will take the time to understand and connect deeply with this new culture, the opportunities are endless. We are proud to contribute to this unique project. »

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