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Zoom launches remote meeting mode on Tesla

Take advantage of Zoom’s high-tech technological advancements everywhere

Zoom dropped a bomb during his Zoomtopia 2022 keynote. platform will cooperate with Tesla and will soon launch a new offer that should satisfy users. In fact, it will soon be possible to use this platform and share a screen in a car. Initially, this experiment will be conducted in Tesla vehicles. Users can then join video conferences and make video calls and phone calls at a highway rest stop by recharging their Tesla Supercharger. The long-term goal is to be constantly available and be able to use Zoom and join a meeting anywhere, such as the cases of Skype for Business Microsoft Teams platforms or even Google Hangouts. It is one of the collaboration solutions for organizing face-to-face meetings.

Video conferencing with Zoom will soon be possible in Tesla cars – Photography Zoom / YouTube

When Tesla cars become meeting rooms

The Zoom video conferencing and instant messaging application has been hugely successful during periods of lockdown associated with the spread of the coronavirus. During these periods we discovered new working methods: the telecommuting and television presence. Zoom, as a video conferencing solution, has facilitated the holding of meetings, training sessions, various thematic workshops and many others. It was thus possible to meet or participate in webinars from home. It is also possible to hold a staff meeting with several participants even on the go. Before, users could already connect to the platform in a car, but using the application on their smartphone. But the current project consists of integration into the car’s built-in system You are here. With this system, the car’s internal webcam will film the user. The latter will have access to the moderator and all the participants on the central screen in his car. Your Tesla then turns into a video conference room. Note: zoom can only be activated when stopped.

Navigation options: connection via wifi or premium subscription?

In the medium and long term, the project entrepreneurs believe that the HD audio and video communication of the application will soon be available on all future models. You are here. A simple update will give current owners access to this high-definition video chat service. Nevertheless, Zoom, the video conferencing collaboration software, has not yet specified which terminals will be used to take advantage of this service. The Voip platform used is not yet known. Will the connection to these video conferencing and video chat systems be made with a simple network Wireless locally or via an internet connection subscription premium ? The answer has not yet been revealed.

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